WhatsApp Messenger’s hidden features

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WhatsApp Messenger’s hidden features

whatsapp messenger

WhatsApp Messenger: What is it?

WhatsApp Messenger was created in 2009 by Brain Acton and Jan Koum, two former Yahoo employees. What’s Up App is a portmanteau of the terms “what’s up” and “app.” It calls people as well as uses the internet network for communicating. With the promise of two billion users worldwide by 2020, it quickly rose to the top of the list of services that are most useful outside of the United States. It was transferred to Facebook in 2014, and the introduction of fresh add-ons like WhatsApp Business has increased its appeal.

The app introduced a video call capability in 2016. It is a cross-platform, freeware IM and VoIP service that lets users exchange messages, make audio and video conversations, share documents, multi-media files, locations, and more. It needs an internet network, such as 2G, 3G, 4G, EDGE, or Wi-Fi, and is intended for mobile phones but may also be used with laptops. The straightforward, trustworthy, freeware program is one of the top 10 apps used by the majority of people worldwide.

It is possible to get the official version of WhatsApp for Android. It becomes more and more well-known around the world, as 2 billion people use it in about 180 nations. In the past, connecting was a time-consuming, costly, and extremely sluggish operation. You are specifically regarded as being in space if you are outside of the country, since it takes months to send you a message. Without a doubt, communicating with one another may be challenging, and we often have to wait for special occasions before we can see our loved ones.

Now that the time has changed, just pick up your phone, dial your loved ones’ number, and begin conversing. The fact that it is now completely free is a benefit. There used to be a 99-cent yearly WhatsApp subscription fee, but there is none today. Along with other new capabilities like Web messaging, phone calls, a group calling option, and many more ground-breaking features, we may use it with any sort of device.

Since the app enables end-to-end encryption and only the recipient can view your data, you may freely share even your personal information with them. All that is necessary is that the recipient of your messages likewise has a WhatsApp account on his phone.

How does WhatsApp Messenger work?

A mobile phone SIM card, an internet connection, and a phone number are necessities for Whatsapp. Your WhatsApp account may be connected to other devices like laptops, tablets, and so on. The app’s operation is quite similar to that of other messaging applications, like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Line, and many more. Instead of a username or password, it would rather have your phone number. To contact your family, friends, and other essential individuals, your phone’s contact list instantly syncs to your Whatsapp account.

Although it is a freeware platform, there are certain fees if you move outside of your network’s coverage area. Depending on your data plan, you could be required to pay data overage fees. Not only can you use it while Wi-Fi is available, but you can also use cellular data to talk to your contacts using Whatsapp. It may be turned on or off in your device’s settings.

You can check your data use when using cellular data by going to Settings. By turning on the “Low Data Usage” options or disabling the “Auto-Download” option, you can keep an eye on how much data is being used by your mobile device. Any audio or video messages or other video files are immediately stored in your app’s gallery after being downloaded by the app.

Although it is easy to use and dependable, there are security precautions because the software may only be used with a certain phone number. Create a WhatsApp account by entering your phone number and verifying it by entering the security code you were sent in the box provided. Forget the usual dull landline service and indulge in endless entertainment.


WhatsApp Messenger features :

Similar functionalities are provided by WhatsApp Messenger and other messaging services. To improve your connectedness with your loved ones, friends, and other business contacts, you will discover a variety of incredible advantages.

Video/Audio Calls

The software provides free audio and video calling services, so you can talk to your loved ones anywhere in the world. Simply put, you may communicate with your loved ones over a poor connection by using your Wi-Fi, provided they have a Whatsapp account as well. You may participate in conference calls with up to eight people at once in addition to private audio/video conversations.

Send voicemail
Because most individuals find using the keyboard on a mobile device to be challenging, they steer clear of this perplexing circumstance. You may now talk to your contacts without having to fiddle with the keyboard by selecting the “Mic” option in the chat window, speaking your message, and then selecting the “Send” button. Wait for a response, and feel free.

Accessed Status
You have the ability to check whether your necessary contact is now online. It facilitates communication since, if the individual is online, you may phone or message them for a prompt response. You may also check the “Last seen” option if the individual is not online. You may view your contact’s activity, such as when they are “typing or recording audio,” at the top of the chat screen. You are also alerted when someone sends anything to you and when they have read it. From the app’s Settings, you may turn off the “Read receipts” option and the active status.

Share your photos and videos.
Share your original resolution-quality movies and photographs. Simply click to submit your preferred memes, links, videos, and more. You may also distribute documents in a variety of file types, including text documents, PDFs, slideshows, Hypertext Markup Language files, ZIP packages, and more. Your loved ones can get up to 100MB of video or other assets from you.

Computer version
WhatsApp is mostly Android software; however, there is a PC version as well. It differs slightly from Google’s desktop messaging application, and connecting your mobile device to your web browser is required. The absence of voice and video call functionality is another drawback of the online version.

Business Whatsapp
WhatsApp offers current updates while facilitating clear and straightforward communication. It is the most crucial edition because it gives individuals the ability to manage their organizations more reliably. You can communicate with your clients, staff, and other company stakeholders more effectively thanks to it. It enables you to grow your company outside of your local area.

Whatsapp Web

Use WhatsApp Web to improve your conversation experience. Connecting your mobile device to your PC or Mac will enable this capability. Log into your WhatsApp desktop and access all of your WhatsApp-related material after scanning the QR code. Let’s enjoy our conversation on the big screen as you attend to your work or school obligations.

Location Sharing

Real-time location sharing is another option for helping your friends find you.

Remove Sent Messages
By accident, sending a message with important information to the incorrect person might lead to unpleasant circumstances. Delete the inadvertently sent message before your receipt reads it to avoid a confusing scenario.

Private Discussion

Use the convenient ability to reply to any individual if you are a group member but wish to connect with only one person. No one will be able to read your communications, and all procedures will remain secret.


Can WhatsApp Messenger be downloaded without using the Play Store?
Yes, you may download it from any other legitimate website owned by a third party. as in Softmany.


How can I set up WhatsApp on my computer?

You may use an emulator to download WhatsApp to your PC and then scan the QR code to access the WhatsApp Web version.


WhatsApp Messenger needs to be updated.

Visit the Play Store, click the three dots, and then choose “Apps & Games.” To update WhatsApp Messenger, select the ‘UPDATE’ button next to it. Within a little while, the app will be updated.


What kind of browser is supported by the web version?
You can use any of the widely used browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, and others.

Can you use WhatsApp on two different mobile devices?

WhatsApp requires a unique phone number for verification; dual SIM phones may be used, but only one number will be used for verification.


Can I get my WhatsApp chat history back?

Yes, you may preserve your conversation history on cloud storage with the aid of the dual-backup option. It is simple to restore at any moment.

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