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Tap Tap Apk Download -For Android

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  • Sign in – To receive advantages and to utilize any feature, you must have an account. Create an account with Google, Facebook, WeChat, QQ, Mobile Number, LINE, and Naver.
    You can learn about the newest, most popular games from across the world by using the Discover tab.
  • Rankings – Based on your area, you may locate the most popular games in this page. the USA, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea.

Firm – enables you to keep up with company updates. Example: Tencent

Follow – Allows users, forums, and businesses to be followed.

Favorites – Create a list of the topics, posts, videos, and games you like most.

TapTap is accessible in a dark mode at night to lessen eye strain.

Redeem – It offers discount codes so that users may buy games from its collection.

English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean are all languages.

Data Saving Mode: Save bandwidth by downloading and loading solely in WiFi when possible.

Play Time Record – You have the ability to keep track of how long each game is played for.

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